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Macon host family opens doors, hearts to Macon baseball players

John Kosater and his family have housed players from the Macon Music and Macon Pinetoppers. Now they're opening their doors to the Macon Bacon.

An old Louisville Slugger leans against the fireplace in John Kosater's living room.

The bat is a relic and reminder of Kosater's days hosting athletes from former Macon baseball teams. It was signed by one of the Macon Music players who took Kosater's son Hayden under his wing.

"He had just hit a home run and my son had gone out to get the bat, and that's kinda the memory," Kosater said.

Kosater and his family gave the player, Robinson, a home for the summer. In return, he made Kosater and his son feel at home at the stadium.

"We were there until 1 or 2:00 in the morning every night. It was just one of those memorable summers," Kosater said.

Now that baseball is back in Macon, Kosater and his wife opened their doors once again to three Bacon players, including first baseman CJ Bush.

Bush is a Kentucky native who has adjusted just fine to his new surroundings.

Bush said after a few days in the house, he thinks they're going to get along just fine.

"I think we're already pretty good friends, yeah," Bush said. "I'm looking forward to the summer to say the least."

Even though the Kentucky native is spending the summer far from home, he will still have a cheering section in the stands.

"I get nervous like they're one of mine," Kosater said. "Because for those two, three months, they're a part of our family. I get just as nervous as if it were my kid when they come up to bat."

And who knows, in a decade, it could be Bush's signature propped up against the fireplace.

But even if it's not, Kosater said he'll always have a home in Macon.

Kosater said he's hosted people on and off again for nine of the past 15 years.

He said the athletes have come from the Macon Music, Macon Pinetoppers and even some professional tennis players.

Kosater is working as an usher at Luther Williams this season.

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