Macon-Bibb fire crews fought flames coming from a house off of Vineville Avenue in Macon Friday morning.

Macon-Bibb Fire Chief Marvin Riggins says the call for the house fire located in the 100 block of Lamar Street came in around 8:30 Friday morning.

Riggins says when crews arrived there was heavy smoke coming from the roof of the two-story home. He added that when they entered the home there was heavy fire on the first floor that made its way into the attic.

He says there were no victims found in the home.

We spoke with a business owner, Ken French, who called the fre in.

He says "the building lit up like an inferno."

"We were really shocked because the flames spread so fast it spread the whole entire lower level," French added.

"There was glass that exploded and caused the tree to be on fire as well; so we came back and called the fire department then we went over there and started knocking on doors and windows to make sure there was nobody in the house who didn't even know they are on fire," he said.

Riggins says the fire is out and there is no cause for the fire being released at this time.