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Macon Love Rugby Club looking for new members to join the team

Team President Travis Spencer says part of the fun of Macon Love Rugby is meeting with others on the field to play.

MACON, Ga. — Rugby is a popular sport across the world, and its found another home here in Macon.

The Macon Love Rugby Club has been in the community for over 20 years. Now, they are looking to add steady members to the team and teach others how to play the sport they love. 

"It's a very exciting sport. It kind of combines the pace of play, the flow of soccer, the physicality of football and they all originally extend from the same parent sport," Team President Travis Spencer said.

He's been playing Rugby since he was in college, and his love for the game never stopped after graduation.

Spencer says rugby has the ability to bring people together, especially internationally. 

"Sometimes guys will come out and say 'I'm only here for three months and them I'm going to Germany or somewhere' and we always tell them now that you know about rugby no matter where you go in the world you just show up and say 'hey where's the rugby team' and if you find them, they'll be your best friend," he said.  

He says the COVID-19 pandemic really hurt the teams steady number of players, and that part of the fun of Macon Love Rugby is getting together to play. 

"It's really a community culture. It's fun to go down to the field on a Saturday and be around, not just your teammates, but families and friends and fans. So we're trying to really get the attention of the whole community," Spencer said. 

The team meets up to help people learn the sport and practice every other Saturday at Central City Park for two hand touch games. They are looking to have at least 30 people. People 15-years-old and up can come out and join them. 

"It's just a fun opportunity to come out, learn the rules, we go over some basic passing drills and basic understanding and then we just play. We have a good time and then we go downtown to Fall Line and get lunch," he said.

His favorite thing about Rugby is the community it gives players at home and across the world. 

"Everybody is just excited to share the sport with other people because there is just great core values of just respect, and support and team work. It's just kind of universal and that's what I love about it," Spencer said.

You can find out more about Macon Love Rugby on their Facebook page. Their next meet up is on June 3 at Central City Park at 6:30 p.m. 

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