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'Macon loves this sort of thing': Disney+ set to film King, Malcolm X series in downtown

Filming for the series is January 30th and 31st. More than 200 extras are needed for the series, and you could be one of them. Anyone 18 years and older can apply.

MACON, Ga. — Lights camera, action! 

Downtown Macon will soon be the set for a new Disney+ series about Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. More than 200 extras are needed for the series, and you could be one of them. Anyone 18 years and older can apply.

If you get the gig, you could be acting as a protester, onlooker, or civil rights leader. 

Aaron Buzza is the senior Vice President for Visit Macon. He says he's looking forward to this opportunity for Central Georgians.

"I love how Macon can play for different places around the country," Buzza said.

In this new Disney+ show, Macon will be doing some acting of its own.

The folks producing "Genius: MLK/X" are using Macon's Courthouse Capitol Theatre, and First Presbyterian Church to stand in for Selma, Alabama and New York.

"Just being able to see and showcase how we can adapt and play for another place is really fun, and really unique, I think," Buzza said.

The show will star Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Aaron Pierre playing Malcolm X. It'll follow the civil rights icons during the height of their fight for equality and explore their different approach to achieving it.

"It depicts the relationship between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and sort of the crossover between the two," Buzza said.

To tell the story, crews need the help of Central Georgians. They're looking for extras. Buzza says he doesn't doubt Macon will show out for this opportunity.

"You know, Macon loves this sort of thing, and we've had great turnout for casting calls in the last year or so," he said.

Filming for the series is January 30th and 31st, so you'll need to apply ASAP, but the sooner filming wraps, the sooner we'll see Macon on the big screen again.

"Be able to tune into Disney+ and see themselves and tell family and friends elsewhere around the world. You can tune in and see me here in this scene, in this production," Buzza said. 

Buzza warns being on this set could be emotionally taxing for some people. Extras may be exposed to scenes depicting racial tensions.

If you want to apply, there's some criteria.

Mulberry Street, Second Street, and Cotton Avenue will be closed while scenes are being filmed. Performers must have civil rights period-appropriate looks, natural hair, and be clean-shaven. Women need to fit clothing up to a dress size 8, and men must have a chest measurement of 44 or less.

Those interested in serving as an extra should submit a headshot, current sizes, and contact information to genius@centralcasting.com with the subject line “Macon.”


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