A Macon man is in jail after allegedly shooting his wife in the back, according to a Bibb incident report.

It says deputies responded to a person shot call in the 2000-block of Tredway Dr. around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

There they met with the victim who told them her husband -- 46-year-old Willie Willis -- shot her in the back after a fight.

The report says he was standing on the front porch when deputies arrived and was immediately handcuffed.

One of the deputies helped stop the bleeding while waiting for EMS to arrive and the other two tried to find the gun.

The victim said she was on the phone with a friend and Willis overheard the conversation, causing him to hit her in the face. She then grabbed a bottle to protect herself.

She said she noticed a gun in his hand, so she raised the bottle to hit him and then she was shot.

Willis said he never touched the gun, that his wife shot herself and that his wife began the fight.

The gun was never found. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. Willis is charged with aggravated assault.