The Museum of Arts and Sciences will host an event for the public to view the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, beginning at 10 a.m., according to Science Curator Paul Fisher.

The event will be held inside of the Mark Smith Planetarium inside of the museum.

The day will begin with an hour and a half of planetarium shows, which will give visual examples of how the eclipse will look.

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Aside from viewing the shows, Fisher says he will live stream NASA's eclipse coverage, host arts and crafts for children and everyone will view the actual eclipse outdoors.

"They can come outside where we're going to help children build pinhole camera viewers to look at the eclipse with," he said. "We're just going to enjoy the eclipse outside and inside."

The museum also has Solar Eclipse glasses available at the Museum Store. Fisher says the glasses are ISO certified.

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These eclipse-viewing shades are CERTIFIED and SAFE, but *buyer beware*: others which may look like these but are not certified, may not have the adequate UV protection, potentially leading to severe damage if viewing the sun for extended periods.