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'It stinks': Macon neighborhood upset after 4-week delay in trash pickup

People in several neighborhoods say Advanced Disposal hasn’t picked up their trash in weeks

MACON, Ga. — Trash pickup in Bibb County is changing in about two weeks, but it’s not fast enough for some people.

People in several neighborhoods contacted 13WMAZ saying Advanced Disposal hasn’t picked up their trash in weeks during the final month of its contract.

Alice Barlow, Sonya Parker, and Valerie Lewis live on Plymouth Drive. They all say they’ve got some extra visitors like raccoons, opossums, and cats in their yard this month due to the trash.

“We had a raccoon here the other night. I kid you not, it was bigger than my cat... attacking our dog,” said Lewis.

Parker and Barlow have been living on Plymouth Drive for six years and say they’ve never had problems with trash being picked up.

“We had to scavenge for another trash can and when we finally found one, we were able to get some of the trash out -- but now it's piling back up and there's food in there. It stinks, you can only burn so many candles,” said Parker.

They even started keeping trash INSIDE their homes to keep animals out of their yard.

“I have personally resorted to putting garbage in my car and driving it to dumpsters,” said Lewis. “It really makes me mad and angry because they forget this street, but you go one street over and they're picking up. They've been picking up over there every week."

Both Barlow and Parker got new trash bins from Ryland, Macon's new trash company, but still have their old Advanced Disposal can. They say both have been full for weeks because Advanced wasn't coming by, and they have even tried contacting them.

“You know I was thinking about getting a band of folks together and getting one of those trailers and putting all of our trash on it, and just taking it to Advanced Disposal and putting it on their front door... I mean... it's theirs,” said Parker.

“We pay for this service every month, we deserve to get our trash picked up every week,” said Lewis.

The trash DID get picked up on Parker’s street around 2 p.m. Thursday after 13WMAZ called Advanced Disposal and the county about this story.

An Advanced Disposal spokesperson said they’ve experienced labor shortages and are still working on getting staff numbers back up.

Ryland takes over Bibb County’s trash service on Jan. 1, 2022.

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