MACON, Ga. — These days, it's easy to find a topic to disagree about.

One man with a lens to hoping to make a difference. His name is unique -- Dsto Moore.

A couple of years ago, he gave up his job with Coca-Cola to become a full-time photographer, and now he's made it his mission to bring us closer together as a community, one portrait at a time.

It's not unusual to see Dsto Moore walking down the street with his behemoth vintage speaker. 

"Today, I'm working on the Macon Music Project," he said.

His model for the shoot is Kelley Dixson.

"I wasn't born here, but I lived here most of my adult life," she said.

The Macon Music Project revolves around Dsto shooting different musicians and folks affiliated with the music scene, but it goes deeper than that.

"I believe Macon needs diversity right now because everyone is so split in half and nobody knows what's going on, so everybody get together in one group and work together. I believe a lot of changes would come to Macon," Dsto said.

"I think this project is important because it's bringing together people of different backgrounds with the universal language that is music, and music is one of the most important things we as humans get to celebrate together without there being differences. It helps us find the humanity in others instead of seeing the differences and just seeing what's wrong," Kelley explained.

Kelley believes in seeing that diversity front and center, but there is another reason she signed up to be a model.

"Something that's been hard for me to come to terms with, but being a black musician and being classically-trained and I hope this picture brings little black girls back to the reality that is their strength and their culture and being brought forth with their music as well," Kelley said.

Dsto has photographed 11 people. He wants 20 by next month and then he'll have a show in October, and with his creative patience, Dsto hopes to change the world, with kindness in his heart and a lens in his hands.

"It's amazing how much love I've gotten -- not just Macon, but around the country -- showing love for this project. It's all about love," he said.

Dsto's show is going to be October 19th at JBA's studio.

It runs from 7-11 that evening.

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