While Central Georgia probably won't see any direct impact from Hurricane Florence, some people in central Georgia are still preparing to help.

Bibb County Emergency Management Agency is still trying to decide if they need to open shelters to house evacuees from the coast.

At the Bibb County Emergency Operations Center, Spencer Hawkins is preparing for severe weather.

“This cone stretches from the Virginia/North Carolina border to the outside portions of South Carolina,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins says his team is prepared to handle another hurricane.

“This is exactly what happened last year during Irma. It was supposed to head up the coast and were accepting evacuees, and then we got impacted,” said Hawkins.

Almost a year ago, Irma tore through Macon, leaving downed power lines and toppling trees.

Hawkins says his team responded extremely well.

Hawkins is hoping that this time the severe weather will be more of a shelter mission, not a cleanup.

Major Andrew Gilliam at the Macon Salvation Army says they have enough beds for 150 people.

“Last year during hurricane season, our shelters were full when hurricane response kicked in,” said Gilliam.

The Salvation Army is the first shelter that will open its doors to evacuees.

“Of course, most folks are used to seeing us on the holidays with our kettles in front of stores. We have this phrase: need has no season. This hurricane is certainly an example of that,” said Gilliam.

Hawkins says if the county needs more space, the recreation department is also preparing to host people in their centers.

“We've positioned some of our supplies just in case, so if we do need to open, we're ready,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins says time will tell if they will need to open additional shelters or put more people in charge of cleanup.

He says shelters could always use monetary and gift card donations for severe weather situations like this one.

You can drop those off at the Salvation Army or the Macon-Bibb government center.

Hawkins says if they do need to activate the shelters, they can always use volunteers at both the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.