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Macon residents set to get new garbage cans soon

Ryland Environmental is providing every resident in the county with bright red trash bins after the county switched to a new garbage hauler.

MACON, Ga. — Big changes are coming for people in Macon-Bibb County. 

If you've driven past the old Macon Mall, you may notice there are thousands of trash bins in the parking lot. 

60,000 trash and recycling bins will fill the old Macon Mall parking lot in upcoming weeks.

They will get delivered to every property owner in the county. 

This comes after the county decided to switch from their current garbage hauler, to a new one, Ryland Environmental. 

James Lanier, managing partner for Ryland, says the design of the trashcans will solve a lot of the county's current trash problems, and he's ready to start rolling them out.

"Even though they look smaller than the regular cans that you have now, they're the same capacity, which is 96 gallons. The difference is the footprint is wider, it makes it more stable, and it also lowers the load height so it makes loading garbage into the can easier. It also provides stability when cars go by, so that when cars go by, they don't blow over." Lanier said.

Lanier says they chose the color red for safety, and that the logo on the side is made out of reflective paint. 

Lanier says garbage cans will start going out on November 29th.

Trash pickup will be on the same days. When the bins arrive at your house,  there will be a piece of paper inside of it, with detailed instructions on how to use them. 

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