MACON, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Transportation hopes a new roundabout in west Macon will slow down traffic at a busy intersection.

In 2021, the department said they could begin installing a roundabout at the intersection of Eisenhower Parkway and Fulton Mill Road to try to limit deadly car wrecks.

"Something had to be done out here to slow the traffic down," Bibb County Commissioner Joe Allen said. 

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Allen said he's been trying since 2003 to make the intersection of Eisenhower Parkway and Fulton Mill Road safer. 

"When I came back, we had red lights to be put here prior to that, when consolidation occurred that was scrapped," Allen said.

Today there are flashing yellow lights and stop signs to slow drivers down, but Allen said this still isn't enough.

"I've worked with people who have had issues, people who have died," he said. 

In March, the Bibb County Sheriff's Office reported 86 wrecks in the last five years at the intersection.

That's why GDOT approved a roundabout for the intersection.

"I believe this will take time, and it will work," Allen said. 

Spokeswoman Penny Brooks with GDOT said work could start in 2021. Once it does, the intersection will be rebuilt into a singe lane roundabout. 

The Fulton Mill Road travel lanes will also be turned into a two-lane roadway. Drivers can expect a raised median, wheelchair ramps, and crosswalks for pedestrians. 

"We have to be safe, conscious, the drivers also have to be that way," Allen said.

Before the project starts, the state said they'll put out a bid to find the best price.

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