Central Fellowship Christian Academy is giving away 30 guns in 30 days during the month of November with a series of raffles.

Athletic Director Josh McClendon says everything is done through Chuck's Gun and Pawn Shop in Warner Robins.

“They pick out the guns, they keep the guns, I haven't even been over there. They just take care of everything,” McClendon said. “It's very stress-free for us.”

He says all they have to do is sell the tickets, but they are practically selling themselves. Last year, they raised more than $20,000 with the same fundraiser.

“You'd have to wash a lot of cars or bake a lot of cookies to sell a lot of doughnuts to make that kind of money,” McClendon said.

Each day they give away a different pistol, shotgun, or rifle. They pick a winner and give them a call.

“It’s their responsibility to go to Chuck’s and pass a background check and they have to go through the legal steps to be able to get that gun,” McClendon said. “The transaction is done at Chuck’s, we don’t have anything to do with the transaction.”

McClendon says people across Central Georgia care about the Second Amendment, and that’s why they’ve seen a lot of success.

“People hunt, they fish, they like to use guns for recreation, and of course for self-defense,” McClendon said.

People in the community like Pastor Pennington agree. He thinks this fundraiser is a bull's-eye.

“Especially with the fact that they’re doing background checks and these people are responsible citizens,” Pennington said. “It’s a wonderful idea especially since it's raising money for the kids.”

If you want to buy a ticket, call Central Fellowship at 478-781-2981.