MACON, Ga. — This weekend, people around Central Georgia are celebrating those who've served us.

That includes the Macon Tennis Association as they hold their 2nd Annual Veterans Net Therapy event in south Macon. 

For some veterans, this is a time to relax and talk with fellow veterans. 

"I was in the United States Navy and I was a cook on submarines," said Terence Thompson. 

Back in 1994, Thompson took an oath to protect our freedom.

"And the guys would always ask me how is it on the sub? How is it on the sub? I was like it is like going to work with no windows," Thompson said.

By 2006, Thompson was medically retired from the Navy. 

"I was fine for eight years, and then in 2013 when my son was born, I had another pulmonary embolism," he said.

Facing depression over his health, Thompson started searching for a getaway.

"Tennis is just you against one other person, so it is all about focus, it is determination, a lot of mindset going into when we are going to hit the ball, if you are going to use your forehand," Thompson said.

This Saturday, Thompson and veterans across the region can get some 'net therapy' for free. 

"An umbrella tennis wellness program where we try to promote the emotionally, physical, and social side of tennis," said organizer Jenni Eddlemon said. 

She says experience is not required, so all veterans are invited.

"Learn tennis and we are going to have door prizes, we are going to have food," Eddlemon said. 

The Macon Tennis Association is hosting the event.focusing on honoring vets like Thompson.

"We open up to each other, and you might end up saving somebody's life because they tell you something at a critical moment where they won't end up telling anybody else," Thompson said.

If you are a veteran and want to participate, click this link to register.


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