A Macon Vietnam veteran is trying to start a shelter for homeless vets in hopes that the shelter will be able to give the kind of care he wishes was given to him and his friends when they got home from war.

Bill Faulks was born in Macon, and at the age of 19, he was deployed to Vietnam.

He left two days before Christmas and returned home a year and four days later.

He said the memories and smells from his involvement in the Vietnam War continue to haunt him.

“All of the death. How can you not let it affect your attitude towards people,” asked Faulks.

He had to find other ways to cope and he says he found it in his time in nature.

Now, Faulks is trying to start a nonprofit to give homeless veterans a place to sleep, watch TV, talk, and eat, but the shelter currently has no heat and needs items like sheets for the mattresses.

In Faulks’ experience, it’s emotional problems -- not necessarily financial problems -- that leave veterans homeless.

He said when the shelter gets more funding, he hopes to hire a counselor

To raise the money, Faulks has collected items from friends to try to sell while he gets the shelter sorted out.

He is asking for donations, volunteers, and consignment items that people might want to donate.

In order to encourage customers to stop by this weekend, he said he will be cooking barbecue on Saturday for anyone who donates items or buys any from the consignment part of the shelter.

He is also selling t-shirts and hats that read “United Veterans Support Group: Supporting Our Troops.”

He hopes that most of their funds will come from them instead of consignment, once they get afloat.

If you know of any homeless veterans that need help, Faulks said you can call him at 478-297-1998 and he can provide them with transportation, or you can tell them to go to 6480 Hawkinsville Road.