MACON, Ga. — One Bibb County commissioner is asking the county to reconsider a contract with the water authority that put them in charge of stormwater drains.

Charlotte Ethridge owns Harp & Bowl LA Bistro on Mulberry Street in downtown Macon and knows firsthand how flooded the roads can get during a storm.

“We have great sidewalks. They’re so wide and nice, but then the water drains off the sidewalks to where you park your cars and you have to take your shoes off to get in your car or you'll get wet,” she said.

The drainage pipes under her shop are made of brick. Marvin Land with Macon-Bibb County says pipes made of concrete are better at helping funnel the stormwater and preventing blockages.

About a month ago, Bibb County entered into a contract with the Macon Water Authority to fix the existing pipes, some of which are 200-years-old.

The county could pay $14 million from their SPLOST fund to repair the pipes throughout Macon and Bibb County. They say it would add $3-5 pm your monthly water bill.

“It’s not that big of a deal. It doesn’t rain all that much, but when it does rain, you have a concern for customers getting to their cars,” said Ethridge.

She says she would appreciate not needing to take off her shoes during or after a storm though.

Earlier this year, Bibb County was cited by the EPA for 40 violations due to their drainage system. They hoped that the Water Authority would be able to fix those violations.

Bibb County commissioner Mallory Jones sponsored the proposal. Commissioners are scheduled to talk about the stormwater contract Tuesday, Sept. 10.


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