In Bibb County, more than 300 people are considered homeless. That's according to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs office. Many travel from shelter to shelter, others make their beds on the streets, but Monday, outreach groups held a resource fair to help folks get back on their feet. Yvonne Thomas spoke to one woman who says the resources at this fair helped her turn her life around.

Every year, folks come from near and far looking for help. “The fair was really great. There's a lot of opportunities here,” said Jennifer Bowdry.

“I've learned a lot since I've been here, and I'll take that knowledge back with me,” said Marshall Nelson.

Dozens lined up for free health screenings, personal hygiene products, or looking for work. “It is my passion to help people in the same situation that I was,” said Rhonda Miller. “I was homeless in 1997, and you really don't know where to go so you're just walking the street from the morning until 4:00 so you can go to the Salvation Army.”

But Miller says after she attended the fair years ago, she learned how to transform her life. “Sometimes people just need a little push. Sometimes people just need one little hand,” said Miller.

Miller grabbed that hand and learned how to stand on her own two feet by landing a job with the Macon-Bibb Housing Authority. This spring, she'll be a student at Mercer University studying liberal arts.

Now, her goal is to give to back to others what was given to her. “Don't give up. Don't give up. Fight for your life,” said Miller. And she believes community support can give folks like her a fighting chance.

Every year, the fair is held in memory of Johnny Fambro, a longtime advocate of the homeless. Organizer June O'Neal says this year, they served nearly 300 people.