The Academy for Classical Education, Macon's first charter school, will soon close the pre-admission application for the 2016-2017 school year. 

The school opened in August, 2014 and currently has 1130 students enrolled in grades K-9. ACE plans to grow each year until reaching a grade configuration of K-12. This year, the school will offer 20 seats in each grade level K through 6th.

"We continue to believe that parents want their children in a school where the expectations for intellectual behavior are as high as for all other behaviors," co-founder and principal Laura Perkins said. "Our mission has been and will continue to be developing academic potential and personal character of each student through academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs. We simply want a safe environment where experienced teachers can teach and students can learn. We are unapologetic in our belief that with a strong and rigorous curriculum, and high expectations, children will be successful."

The school held tours every Wednesday during the months of December and January. Additionally, the school hosted an Open House for prospective parents on January 12.

Students are chosen through a lottery process. The pre-admission application opened on the school's website January 1 and will close at midnight Sunday. The pre-admission application gets a child's name in the lottery only; it does NOT guarantee enrollment. A public lottery will be held Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at the school, located at 5665 New Forsyth Road.

"All students living in Bibb County are eligible to submit an application for the lottery," co-founder and Dean of Instruction, Esterine Stokes, said. "We have a company handle the lottery electronically to assure fairness and accuracy. Parents can find detailed information about the lottery process and the waitlist on our website."