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'Driving Me Crazy!': Concrete barrier on Bass Road bridge

A north Macon man says the concrete barrier on the Bass Road bridge near Rivoli Drive is making an already narrow road even more dangerous.

MACON, Ga. — A man who lives on Bass Road says the bridge near Rivoli Drive is Driving him crazy.

"This bridge on Bass Road. I'm Danny Slaughter and it's Driving Me Crazy," north Macon resident Danny Slaughter said.

Slaughter and his family moved to the St. Croix neighborhood about a year ago. He feels like driving on the Bass Road bridge near Rivoli Drive is a nightmare.

"Especially when you travel coming this way on the bridge, cars have to get into the other lane or worry about hitting the barrier. Several cars have hit the barrier, several tires have been blown," he said.

This bridge is Bibb County's responsibility. They placed a concrete barrier where a truck crashed into the guardrail back in June.


County spokesman Chris Floore sent a statement saying the agencies involved with fixing the bridge, "agreed on the need for concrete barriers to be placed there as opposed to something less sturdy like barrels. Despite the entire bridge being scheduled for replacement, we will be fixing the missing guardrail due to the major safety issue it presents."

Penny Brooks with Georgia Department of Transportation says there is a plan to replace the bridge by 2022 at the earliest.

"That bridge is actually going to be raised to allow for double stacked cars through railroads, so that was probably going to be happening anyway, but that bridge really needed to be replaced because of the structural deficiencies. It's going to be lengthened and widened significantly," Brooks said.

They will shutdown this part of the road and put a detour in place. It will take about a year to complete. 

Slaughter says the temporary inconvenience is worth it for a permanent fix.

"Right now it's treacherous. People get hurt. We close the bridge, we create one problem to solve another and the problem we're solving is much more greater than the problem that we have by closing the bridge," Slaughter said.

Floore says they're working to get the design and plans approved to fix the guardrail and construction could start as early as November.

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