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'Keep It Clean, Georgia': GDOT promotes anti-littering campaign

GDOT is urging drivers to keep their trash off the roads to cut down on clean up costs and avoid accidents.

MACON, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Transportation wants you to keep your trash off the roads. 

Penny Brooks with the Georgia Department of Transportation paints the picture of what you'll see driving on Georgia's highways.

"We take pride in having beautiful bi-ways, with those tall lodge pole pines. If you go towards the beaches, you've got the scrub trees. It's just a beautiful state, we've got mountains," Brooks said.

She says that's why you should do your part to keep from ruining it.

"Why mess that up by being disrespectful, throwing trash out, or leaving it for someone else to take care of?," She said.

Georgia started an anti-littering campaign called "Keep It Clean, Georgia" to educate people on the dangers of littering.

"200,000 accidents occur across the nation every year related to debris in roadways. Large, small, I mean we've all been there when we're driving down the road and those plastic bags flies out in front of you, lands on your windshield. That's a distraction. It keeps you from seeing. It's a problem," she said.

Brooks says every year, Georgia spends $10 million on litter removal. She gives some tips on what could help cut costs.

"Reduce the amount of waste that we use. Everything from straws and paper napkins at fast food places, those plastic bags you get from grocery stores. Anything that is waste just handle it yourself. Throw it away. Don't throw it out the window," Brooks said.

It could cost you. Georgia's littering fines can go up to $1,000 and you could end up having to clean it up yourself.

Brooks says littering also clogs the storm water systems and could lead to flooding.

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