MACON, Ga. — From Bacon to Peaches, for one game only this season, the Macon Bacon are undergoing a name change.

On Saturday morning the team announced that on June 13, they will take the field as the Macon Peaches to honor the former team name, and the last team to win a championship back in 1962.

The Bacon will also have t-shirts, jerseys and other merchandise available with the Peaches logo for fans to purchase.

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Team President Brandon Raphael says this throwback day is special for the fans.

"There's so many folks that have come to games, not just last year with the Macon Bacon, but over the last 90 years of baseball here, there's been so many people to come through," Raphael said. "We wanted to honor the team name that has the longest standing tradition, and also the team that was the last to win a championship."

2019 also marks the 90th anniversary of Luther Williams Field. 

The team says that means there will be a few surprise events popping up throughout season.