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'We won't let you down': Ryland vows to solve pickup problems as Bibb's new solid waste service

Inside new trash bins coming to your home, in December, you will find instructions and how to sign-up for their recycling program.

MACON, Ga. — More than 49,000 Macon-Bibb County homes are about to see a new garbage truck in town.

Macon leaders just hired a new company to handle the city's solid waste service, after months of delayed pickup.

Starting in January, Ryland Environmental will pick up residential trash and recycling throughout Macon-Bibb County, but you may notice the new logo in your yard as early as December 1 when you get a new trash bin.

Amber Pritchett takes her trash out every Tuesday.

"Overall, our trash service has been fine," Pritchett.

Not too long ago, the Pritchetts relocated within Macon-Bibb County.

"When we first moved here, it took a while to first get our trashcan. We had some problems early on, but here recently, just within the past three months, things have been fine. They've picked up on time," Pritchett said.

She says, according to her Facebook feed, this is not the case for everyone in Bibb County.

"People asking questions, 'Hey, did your trash get picked up today? Ours didn't,'" Pritchett said.

After more than a year of trash talk, Macon-Bibb County announced a change Wednesday.

"We will be entering into an agreement with Ryland Environmental," Mayor Lester Miller announced.

According to Mayor Lester Miller, the new service will cost Macon-Bibb County more than the current pickup, but he says they're not passing the increase along to people here.

"They'll be getting additional services for the same price they pay now. The county will absorb that money," Mayor Miller said.

Not only will trash and recycling be picked up, but also yard waste and bulk waste.

Ryland Environmental started servicing a portion of southern Macon-Bibb County in July.

James Lanier, the company's managing partner, said those folks will go back to their normal Monday collection day. For the rest of the county, routes and times won't change.

"We intend on putting together a transition team to go through this process to make it as smooth as possible. I give you my word, we won't let you down," Lanier said.

Even so, Todd Yates, the owner of Ryland Environmental, asks for your patience and understanding through the transition.

"We are going to take your calls and we are going to get it solved. Just, you know, trying times right now," Yates said.

"I just hope if issues come up again that they would hear from residents and look to correct those issues as they've done in this situation," Pritchett said.

Pritchett also said she hopes Ryland Environmental will pick up her recycling every week as opposed to every other week.

Inside new trash bins coming to your home, in December, you will find instructions and how to sign up for their recycling program.

However, the Dublin company asks you not to use the new red cans until the start of the new year.

Mayor Miller says they did not have to pay Advance Disposal, their previous solid waste provider, any money to end their contract. 

He said, "It was a mutual agreement."

For months, Macon-Bibb has fielded complaints about Advanced Disposal, with dozens of people reporting that the company picked up their trash late or not at all. 

The company admitted that due to the pandemic and other reasons, they didn't have enough staff to keep up with services.

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