MACON, Ga. — Cirrus Academy welcomed the Southwest High School's Marching Patriots for a pep rally Wednesday afternoon to get them ready for another round of state testing.

Gail Fowler, principal for Cirrus Academy, says they just want to make the students feel special for all of the hard work they've put in preparing for the Milestones.

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"Our students have worked very hard all year preparing for the test coming up this month," said Fowler. "So we celebrate today, and so I am just so honored as part of this celebration to invite to Cirrus Academy, the Southwest High School Marching Patriots, a phenomenal group of young people who have made history."

The Marching Patriots put on a show for the kids, with dancing and music.

"It's heart felt and so at the same time, we must show that we care about our students, we must show that we can do something a little bit extra special for them," Fowler said. "First of all, they are already excited, they know that even though this is a K through 8 school, high school students have come to support them to join in with them as they prepare for our test that's coming up."

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Student Tyrianna Anderson says she thinks the performance improves students' moods.

"I feel like the more the students are prepared, and the more they feel hyped up about it, the better chance of scoring good on the milestone," Anderson said.