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'They build lifelong relationships': Macon Bacon asking for families to host this year's players

Macon's summer baseball team is looking again for host families to bring home the Bacon.

MACON, Ga. — Macon's baseball team is once again looking for host families to bring home the Bacon.

Well, they're still accepting applications.

Here's how you can be a player's home away from home.

Shannon Walsh and her mom Elizabeth have always loved attending Macon Bacon baseball games.

Shannon said, "It's just really exciting to see guys who want to be here and want to be here all summer, so we want to be able to give them the best home that we possibly can."

The Walsh family has hosted college baseball players from all over the U.S. -- some from Louisiana, Colorado, and Texas -- but the one she remembers most is Ryan Gallaccio.

"He was from North Carolina," said Walsh.

When Gallaccio was staying with them, he turned 21. 

Celebrating his birthday was one of the Walsh's fondest memories.

Walsh said, "He loves carrot cake. We don't eat carrot cake at all, but because he loves carrot cake, we went out and got him a bunch of little stuff. We also got a Styrofoam cooler and filled it up with some Macon Bacon things and some Georgia memorabilia stuff, because it was towards the end of the season. I have never seen someone so happy to eat carrot cake!"

If you want to make memories like they did, this summer, here's what you can expect.

After submitting your application online, Macon Bacon coaching staff visit homes and pair hosts with players, depending on their needs.

The Macon Bacon's president Brandon Raphael says this tradition of housing players during each season helps student-athletes pursue their dream of making it to professional baseball, but it also is filling both ways.

Raphael said, "Our host families are the cornerstone of our opportunities here. I mean, these players come in for the summer. They stay with the host family for the summer, and they become like the adopted son of this family. They build lifelong relationships.

He also said many other former host families still remain in touch with their assigned baseball player, some even spent Christmas together.

If you're interested in hosting a baseball player or two this summer, you can apply online.

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