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'A tribute to all mothers': Macon's H&H Restaurant to honor matriarchs with special event

They figure Mama Inez and Mama Louise will smile down

MACON, Ga. — Don't forget -- this Sunday is Mother's Day.

The Moonhanger Group is doing it up big at the H&H Restaurant.

They'll have a market and special stuff on the menu, and it's all to honor you and two Central Georgia ladies that are pretty special.

Tangie Myers is the general manager of downtown Macon's H&H Restaurant.

It's not lost on her that she is carrying the weight of history on her shoulders.

"We both just love and are passionate about cooking, and we put our heart and soul in it," she said.

The restaurant's cofounders Mama Louise and Inez Hill ran the kitchen for decades.

They gained fame as they fed and supported the Allman Brothers in their early years, but that wasn't all.

"She liked to feed the homeless," Tangie recalled.

Mama Louise became a symbol of Macon's Mom.

She passed away last year.

The Moonhanger Group couldn't let this Mother's Day go without a tribute.

"It's our first time, but we want to give our tributes to them, because without them, none of this would be possible," Tangie described.

Briana Crews is the event coordinator.

"Mama Louise and Mama Hill are the original mothers, especially for H&H," she said.

She put together a parking lot market.

Tangie took care of the brunch menu.

"Flowers, candy, sweet goods -- there's also going to be activities," Briana projected.

They'll have stations for the kids and games for the adults.

Tangie figures Mama Louise and Mama Hill will show up in spirit.

"Yes, they be smiling down because it's a tribute to all mothers -- not just them, to all mothers who sacrificed a lot for their families for their kids, and a lot of mothers don't get recognized these days," Tangie said.

It will run from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at H&H.

The market will include things for mom like candles, flowers, and jewelry.

All of that and live music is outside the restaurant.

They will also have the special menu inside with strawberry pancakes and pot roast.

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