Last September, downtown Macon was filled with the world’s largest pop-up bike lane network in an experiment to see if it helped improve urban mobility.

Nearly a year later, the Center for Active Design in New York named the Macon Connects project as one of seven Excellence Award recipients -- joining projects in other countries like Italy and Australia.

The Macon Connects Street Makeover covered more than six miles and ran along eight streets in the downtown area.

At the time, Elliot Caldwell with Georgia Bikes said it was an opportunity to bring more tourism, and therefore money, to the city.

"A lot of the studies have shown that people who are biking or walking near businesses they go to those businesses more often. That kind of economic development could be great for this area and downtown Macon,” said Caldwell.

The release from the Center for Active Design notes that only 45 Macon residents reported commuting to work or school by bike.

However, that number was nearly 10x higher during the experiment, and its success led the city to install a mile-long bike lane with a second one to follow.

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