MACON, Ga. — Hennessy cupcakes, margarita cupcakes, and Patron icing? These are just some of the unique confectionery combos Sugar Soiree Baking Company has to offer.

Sugar Soiree is new to the Mill Hill Bakers Collective in Macon and ready to take on the dessert world by storm.

Mill Hill Bakers Collective is a low-cost, shared kitchen space operated by the Macon Arts Alliance, according to its Facebook page. It is located inside the Mill Hill Community Arts Center on Clinton Street.

Sugar Soiree, owned and operated by Macon native Whitney Cunningham, puts a boozy twist on confectionery classics.

Cunningham makes alcohol-infused and cereal-infused cupcake combos.

Cunningham says the Hennessy cupcakes with strawberry icing are the best sellers, however she can make cupcakes and icing with almost any alcohol or cereal customers may request.

"People love those. They love the Hennessy cupcakes," she said.

She says she has not made a truly crazy cupcake combo, but the dessert that was the most fun for her to make was a red velvet cheesecake cake.

Selling alcohol-infused cupcake combos was an idea Cunningham got from other bakers she follows online to bring customers in.

“I’ll find another recipe online, but I’ll switch things out to make it better,” she said. “To make it my own.”

Today was a berry good day! - Hennessy vanilla cupcakes with fresh strawberry frosting. 🍓

Now, Sugar Soiree has a cupcake menu where customers can choose to mix-and-match dozens of icing and frosting flavors.

Cunningham got serious about baking when she was 19. She says her grandmother, who baked for the family special occasions, inspired her to start when she was very young. Cunningham would read her grandmother’s cookbooks and put her own twist on existing recipes, she said.

She says her grandmother is a fan of the Hennessy cupcakes too, but she prefers them with chocolate frosting.

Although the Hennessy cupcake with strawberry frosting is the most popular with Sugar Soiree right now, Cunningham says she wants to try to put Hennessy-pineapple cupcakes on the radar.

“Because pineapple and Hennessy go together,” she said,

Sugar Soiree makes appearances at Late Nite’s Cake and Yoga Pop-ups with Sparks Yoga, offering a waffle bar.

Cunningham works a full-time job at Goodwill. Sugar Soiree is a ‘side hustle’ she hopes will take off.

“It keeps me going even though it’s very stressful,” she said.

Cunningham says she loves operating Sugar Soiree despite the stress it adds to her schedule. The customers' reactions to her unconventional dessert fusions make it worth it.

“They pick up their item and they taste it – some people don’t even make it home – they taste it and they’ll call me, and they’ll be like, ‘oh my gosh this cupcake was so delicious,'” she said.

Cunningham said her goal is to turn Sugar Soiree into a full-time dessert catering company.

Although cupcakes are the main attraction at Sugar Soiree, Cunningham said she wants customers to know she makes other desserts for all occasions too. Cookies, cheesecakes, cakes – you name it.

To place an order, message Sugar Soiree Baking Company on Facebook.

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