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Macon's 'Wonder Twinzz' hope to inspire confidence, self-love in children with new book

Looking in the mirror has never felt so good with two Macon sisters who call themselves "The Wonder Twinzz."

MACON, Ga. — There are many ways to reach out to young children. Sisters Latricia Gittens and Falicia Kim, also known as "The Wonder Twinzz," decided to do it with a book.

The book is called "Mirrors" and is meant to inspire young girls, and even boys. 

The Twinzz wanted to use their life experiences to show children at Bernd Elementary School in Macon that self-love is the best love.

"This is where they're learning the most," says Latricia.

"This is the time to reach out to them and say, 'You know what, you're beautiful.' That curly hair you have, it's beautiful."

The Wonder Twinzz plan to do another reading at the Tubman Museum for Black History Month.

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