A mother and two daughters in Milledgeville say their new business is a 30-year dream come true.
"Welcome to Maggie's Closet," says Maggie Brisco.

Co-owner Brittney Perry says this is their first business venture as a family.

"We are so excited about having the platform to be able to give back to the community," says Perry. "It's always been my mom's dream to own a thrift store.

When customers walk through their doors, they can expect a store filled with canvases, bags, jewelry and more, some items new and others used.

"We have a lot of women's apparel; we have a lot of women's dresses -- long, short, winter, summer spring," says Perry.

Perry says she has plans to partner with different agencies within the community to help single moms and teenage girls.

"When we do open the store, we have a sign out front on the porch that says "free stuff, box with two items." People can come up and get whatever they need," says Perry.

Brisco says that her daughters encouraged her to go forward and start what she's always wanted to do.

"Follow your dreams," says Brisco. "You can do anything through Christ Jesus who strengthens you."

Perry says this business is the first step to building a legacy and wealth for her family for future generations.

The store is at 910 Jefferson Street in Millledgeville and is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays