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11-year-old called a hero for saving his little brother

Two-year-old Josiah had fallen into a pond and his big brother pulled him out and ran to the fire department for help

ST. LOUIS — When we think of heroes, we often think of the ones on movie screens. But instead of blockbusters, sometimes it's just a kid on the block.

Meet Jayden and Josiah Groves. Josiah is just 2, but for Jayden he's never been a bother, just a brother.

"Jayden is about to be 12, he's been the only kid for 11 years," explained his mom, Jocelyn Groves. "When Josiah came, it was some excitement to his life. 'Yeah, mom, I'm not the only kid anymore.'"

And one day, Josiah will understand and tell the story about the day Jayden saved his life.

It all started at Hyde Park in north St. Louis last summer.

"We were having a family gathering and we were selling food and washing cars and then my brother had wandered off, "recalls Jayden.

We should pause for a moment, to let you know that Josiah's three favorite words are go, go and go.

A lot of family members were around that summer day and they all started searching for Josiah screaming his name. Then, Jayden broke off from the group.

"Immediately nobody was looking by the pond and Jayden just had an instinct," Jocelyn said. "He ran to the pond and all I remember is a terrifying scream."

Jayden found Josiah, floating face down in the pond.

"So I ran over there, I got him out of the water and I put him in the grass," Jayden said. "I ran to the fire department, I banged on the door."

That's right, Jayden not only pulled him out of the water, so his aunt could begin CPR, but he also ran to the nearby fire department to get help.

And then, as Josiah was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, Jayden kept asking relatives if he could use their phone.

 "He just kept calling and he's like, 'Mom, my brother, my brother!'"Jocelyn said. "And I'm like, 'He's going to be OK, Jayden. He's going to be OK.'"

When you're 11, the biggest day of the year is usually your birthday but Jayden says this beat all of his birthdays combined. This past week he was honored by Mayor Lyda Krewson and the St. Louis Fire Department. They gave him the Fire Department's Heroism Award.

"It was fun and it felt good," said a smiling Jayden.

At 11, you haven't lived long in years but in this family, the story of Jayden's heroics will likely live forever.

"Without his help, Josiah might not have made it," Jocelyn said.

And for the rest of their lives, it seems likely that big brother will be watching.

"He's like a real hero," added Jocelyn.

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