Union Furniture started as a family-owned business 105 years ago.

Nicole Butler shares the history that shaped Union Furniture's role in Making Macon.

Simon Becker says selling furniture runs in his blood.

"I've always wanted to be in the furniture business," said Becker.

Becker's grandfather started the business in 1912.

"The business started four months after the Titanic sank," Becker said.


Becker says at one point, his family owned four furniture stores and a furniture manufacturing plant -- all located in Macon.

His key to success? The family atmosphere.

"My father and uncle were inseparable. They worked together six days a week and when they weren't working together, they would play golf together. You rarely saw one without the other," Becker said.

As the oldest furniture store in Macon, Becker says the business works hard to evolve with the times. They used to go door to door on horseback.

“He would hold the reigns of the horse while the collector would go to the house to talk with the customer," said Becker with a laugh.

The company also saw a developing technology world.

"[We had] IBM PCs, one of which had not one but two floppy disk drives," said Becker.

Becker says he's proud of their customer service.

"We have been serving some of the same customers and their families for generations," he said.

A family focus inside and out puts Union Furniture on a short list of businesses still Making Macon.

Becker says he will be the last generation to sell furniture for his family.

His son went on to be a lawyer and his daughter, a doctor.