HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — Nothing screams the University of Georgia quite like an English bulldog, and one Bonaire bulldog is ready to watch UGA take on LSU at the SEC Championship on Saturday.

Here’s how this furry fan and his family are preparing for the game…

“She’s like, ‘This dog is you if you had four legs and fur.’ I have no idea what she’s talking about, I don’t even see a resemblance,” said Josh Nelson.

Nelson has been a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs for a long time.

“It’s the local team. Home grown and nobody wants to be a Georgia Tech fan so,” said Nelson.

He’s such a fan that it’s rubbed off on his dog Drago. The English Bulldog growls whenever Josh talks about another team playing against UGA.

“I couldn’t believe he did it. Whatever team we’re playing, he pretty much answers the call of the bell,” said Nelson.

But Drago isn’t the only furry fan of the Bulldogs in the Nelson home. Their cat Apollo Creed also puts on the red and black for big games.

“I don’t even know how to describe that cat, [he’s] like an old man,” said Nelson.

But while Apollo might run the house, Drago always steals the show on gameday.

“Most people when they come over here, it’s not to see me or the wife. It’s to see the dog and that’s the God’s honest truth,” said Nelson.

It’s the third year that their pets have worn jerseys and they think it’s a good luck charm. One that will give Georgia another SEC title.

“The team that nobody talks about is usually the team that wins. He's only lost two games with the jersey on, so he'll have it on Saturday,” said Nelson.

The Nelson family has three pets in total -- Drago, Apollo, and a second cat named Rocky, so it looks like the Nelsons live with the entire cast of Rocky 4.


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