It's a day many people choose to show their loved ones how much they appreciate them. One man in Macon says he wanted to give his girlfriend a gift that will last forever.

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine's Day isn't always easy. “You know, sometimes girls can be picky,” said artist Caleb Brown with FiNaO Enterprises. “They think of roses, chocolates, teddy bears.”

But this year, Brown had an idea to help the fellas out. “I told guys, 'Don't mess around and pick something that you're not sure about,'” said Brown. “You've never seen somebody get mad at art.”

That gave Will Patterson a picture-perfect idea for his girlfriend. “I'm not a great gift giver. It's never been my strong point,” said Patterson. “It's a little different, and I knew that Sarah wanted a picture of her dog. I figured that would be a good gift.”

It's a gift Sarah Walsh says that's close to her heart. “He chose Dash because I'm obsessed with her and I love her,” said Walsh. “Dash actually has some health issues,” said Patterson. “She has seizures and she's on some medicine. She stays in one place, but she's a sweetheart.”

Sarah says her other sweetheart Patterson couldn't have done a better job picking out a gift that will always make her smile. “Getting a painting like this is so much better than any box of chocolate and roses,” said Walsh. “It means so much more.”

Caleb Brown says he's painted more than twenty pictures for couples this Valentine's Day.

The painting of Dash cost Patterson $300. For more information on Brown's business, here's a link to his website.