Just before 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, the security alarms blared at Quality Computer Systems on Riverside Drive.

The owner, Brad Spiegel, says someone broke in through a side door and sliced through two walls to get inside the shop.

“When I looked at the video, it was a very young man, probably 12 to 14 would be my guess, who broke in here with an older adult male," said Spiegel.

When Spiegel watched the surveillance footage, something stood out.

“It sounded like a father-son conversation," said Spiegel. “He was walking him through how to be able to get through a motion sensor without it going off. He was walking the kid through why they are slicing through a wall rather than opening a door, how to remove stuff so that less motion sensors were able to see it.”

Spiegel says the other voice sounds like it’s coming from an adult man, but he never appears on camera.

The pair took several Macbooks and Android tablets. Spiegel says it will set him back about $10,000.

“We’re a locally owned business... this is not something that’s going to be absorbed by corporate... this is something that will be absorbed by my family," said Spiegel.

But in the end Spiegel says these are just material things that were taken, and he’s much more concerned for the young man’s future.

“My heart goes out to the kid, because it’s not worth ruining your life over," said Spiegel.

When he’s not in his store, Spiegel spends time volunteering with the Mentor’s Project and encourages other people to do the same, to keep kids on the straight and narrow.

“If you have the ability to volunteer at an organization and give your time as an adult male, whether you’re white, black, orange, anything—they need you to give time—there are kids out there who don’t have a male role model at home that really need one," said Spiegel.

If you know anything about this burglary, you’re asked to call the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at 478-751-7500.