A man fatally shot himself in the parking lot of the Academy Sports distribution center in Twiggs County after fighting his former girlfriend.

According to Twiggs Sheriff Darren Mitchum, it started with a domestic dispute, around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

Mitchum says 21-year-old Cedric Wimberly Jr. went to the warehouse to confront his former girlfriend.

"He was not working today," Mitchum said. "He came out here to see her about whatever their issue was and they had a domestic problem inside."

They fought, the security staff at Academy then broke up the fight.

MItchum says he then ran outside and shot himself in his car.

He says they responded quickly fearing it could turn into an active shooter situation.

"When you have something like this that transpires at a place of employment especially as large as this, you never really know what that end result might be," Mitchum said.

Academy officials on the scene referred questions to their headquarters in Texas.

Academy spokeswoman Elise Hasbrook released the following statement to WMAZ.

"We are deeply concerned by the events that happened. Team member safety is our top priority and we are working with authorities at this time."

Usually 13WMAZ doesn't report on suicides, but since this happened in a public area, we chose to report it.