A Dodge County man who was shot in the face while running away from a deputy and probation officer in February 2017 has been sentenced to prison.

A news release from Assistant District Attorney Christopher Gordon says Kyle ‘Hut’ Coleman was sentenced Monday to the maximum sentence of 50 years in the state prison system.

Gordon says that on February 10, 2017, a Dodge County deputy and probation officer knocked on the front door of Coleman’s home in Gresston to verify his address.

He ran out the back door of the home and the officers chased him to a nearby cemetery, where he fired at the officers and the officers returned fire.

Coleman was shot in the face while the officers avoided injury by hiding behind headstones in the cemetery.

His jury trial was scheduled to begin Monday, but he changed his plea to guilty and the trial became a sentencing hearing.

Coleman pleaded guilty to: two counts of aggravated assaults on a peace officer (20 years in prison for each charge to be served consecutively), possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (5 years) and theft by receiving a stolen firearm (5 years).