A dip at Amerson River Park turned deadly for a teenager out with his friends. Sunday, 17-year-old Marcos Mendez Perez came out to the river, but he never made it home.

“Never. I never wouldn't thought this would happen, at least not to me,” says his friend, 28-year-old Oscar Perez Lopez.

He says they hadn't been in the river more than a few minutes when Perez began to drown.

“It happened so fast, because I saw he passed behind me, but when I turned to see him in about 30 seconds, he was already jumping around in the water,” explains Lopez.

Lopez says he was looking after his daughter and never thought something like this would happen.

"I was taking care of my daughter so that something like this wouldn't happen to her, but it happened to Marcos,” says Lopez.

He says this accident has opened his eyes about being responsible. Lopez says take heed of the warning signs.

"I don't want this to happen to anyone else. If you want to get in the water, be cautious,” warns Lopez.

He says life will never be the same without his friend Marcos.

“Everyone is going to die, but in each of us, we have a heart. It's what we loved about him. It's going to be difficult to forget him. For me, I'll never forget him,” says Lopez.

The families that lost their loved ones in the same waters have left memorials to remember the loved ones they lost there at Amerson, too.

Oscar Perez Lopez says his church, St. Peter Claver, was able to raise $6,000 in four days to send Marcos' body to Guatemala. He says Marcos has three brothers who live in Macon.