On Friday, the Pedestrian Safety Review Board launched a new campaign in an effort to decrease pedestrian fatalities in Macon-Bibb County. The group hopes their new mascot, "Pedora the Pedestrian," will teach the community about crosswalk safety. Yvonne Thomas spoke to several supporters in Macon who believe the new campaign could lower the pedestrian fatality rate in Macon-Bibb.

“It’s the crossing guard's responsibility will make sure these kids get across the street safely,” said Joseph Waller with the Bibb Crossing Guards. Now crossing guards in Macon-Bibb have help from Pedora the Pedestrian.

“We want our kids to get to and from school safely every single day,” said parent Brad Belo. “This is just one way to try to educate the public,” said Violet Poe. It can be dangerous to cross the street, especially when students have to cross several lanes of traffic. For example, students at Appling Middle School have to cross six lanes of traffic just to get to the other side. “Appling is one of our biggest problem areas,” said Waller. “When we have trucks passing all the way through and the crossing guards have a hard time trying to stop the traffic.”

Macon Bibb Deputy Coroner Leon Jones believes programs like 'Pedora' will work stop the rising pedestrian fatality rate. “The new mascot is an excellent idea,” said Jones. “I think that the more PSAs that we have, the more the pedestrian will be aware of the safety issues.” “Her character will appeal to children and will help make learning about this fun,” said Belo.

Soon, Pedora the Pedestrian will take trips all across Macon-Bibb County to promote pedestrian safety and crosswalk use. Pedora will teach other tips like wearing bright-colored clothing and obeying all traffic signals.