Take a trip to Crisp County and it's obvious that wind was a huge threat in their city of Cordele.

An entire awning at an abandoned gas station that once stood tall toppled over.

But that is not the only place Michael's presence was obviously felt. Just up the road, trees block roadways, and power lines lie lifeless on the ground.

Pastor James Kelley of Third Street Baptist in Cordele is just one of many with lots of work to do. A tree from his own frontyard falling towards his church, landing just feet away.

"It sounded like a bomb went off," Kelley describes while remembering watching the tree fall from inside the church.

The tree took out a power line that created a domino effect down the street, knocking down at least five poles.

One tree left an entire street in the dark, as well as Kelley's church.

"We've been cutting up trees for a couple of days, but we are still blessed," Kelley said.

It doesn't take long to find more people picking up the pieces after the storm. About a mile up the road, Lee Howard, his 15-year-old son, and friend John Moseley, were doing their part out of the kindness of their hearts.

The men worked on cleaning up pieces of torn up tin roof that took down a power line and scattered itself around a local building.

They picked up enough to load a whole trailer, and were gearing up to get another trailer to finish the job.

"This is gonna be a while," 15-year-old Avery Howard said.

Avery's father Lee says Cordele is a tight knit community, and hopes they can inspire their neighbors to help, too.

"Hopefully other people see this and try to help out as much as they can," Howard said.

After Michael painted a new picture for Crisp County come Thursday morning,

"It doesn't matter what you build, you can't outlast Mother Nature -- she's another beast," Howard said.

Much of the city lost power, but power crews are already out in full force to help restore it.