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Mayor Randy Toms addresses city growth in Warner Robins

Growth in Warner Robins was a big talking point during Thursday's Eggs and Issues panel discussion. City leaders believe upgrading parks and recreation facilities will help draw more people into the city.

Houston County is one of the fastest growing areas in Central Georgia. City leaders in Warner Robins want in get in on the fast track.Mayor Randy Toms says the city is planning ways to create more economic growth.

For Toms, creating more economic growth in the city is both a goal and a challenge. “Soon, you're going to see some old buildings come down, which should give you hope that some new buildings will come up,” said Toms. “We're in two different counties -- we're in Houston County and Peach County -- so we're trying to develop a team that will work across those boundaries so that we can see things get done that haven't been done in a long time.”

During Thursday's Eggs and Issues breakfast, city leaders discussed revitalizing downtown. “We're looking at the whole concept of adding restaurants, boutiques, shops,” said Toms.

But first, city leaders plan to bring more people into the city by improving the parks and recreation facilities. Right now, crews are updating several parks and recreation facilities like The Walk at Sandy Run Creek. “My family and I live close to Walker Pond and we use that area a lot,” said Scott Traugh. “I'm looking forward to seeing the basketball places where everyone can join together and be here at once. We can really be a community at the rec places and on the walking paths.”

Toms says economic development is a slow process. Renovations to Sandy Run Park should start in July.