Wednesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill legalizing the production and research of low-grade THC oil in the state. That's the oil often described as "medical marijuana." Fort Valley State University will play a part in the next step in producing cannabis oil.

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FVSU has a number of greenhouses on campus. With Governor Kemp officially signing the Georgia Hope Act, students say they're excited to see what kind of production and research can be at the school.

Just off of Carver Road, there are a row of greenhouses and farmland where students work every day. D'Amber Jones works in one greenhouse that grows medicinal plants, vegetables, and herbs. "We have mint, basil, all types of herbs, vegetables, kale, we have neem trees, a lot of tropical trees," said Jones. She studies plant science and biotechnology and says her greenhouse could use some company.

"In this house, we study medicinal plants already, so just having another addition would be great. I can see it being great for people who need it medicinally, for medical uses -- that research could be very beneficial for a lot of people who have seizures, etc.," Jones said.

On Wednesday, Governor Kemp signed House Bill 324, legalizing the production of low-THC oils in the state. Fort Valley State University and UGA are the only two designated schools that can do this research. "We are an agricultural school, but the fact that we get to do these opportunities and no one else gets to do them is a great thing," said student Drayton Dewitt.

Although current students are looking forward to the benefits of this act, they say they hope this will also be a recruiting tool for incoming students and beyond.

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In a statement from the University System of Georgia, "The board is reviewing the legislation and will work closely with the governor's office, our institutions and other stakeholders regarding implementation of the law."