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Meet Kevin Grooms, Bibb Schools' new athletic director

Northeast High's basketball coach and athletic director was selected for the position in November.

MACON, Ga. — The Bibb County School District will have a new athletic director starting next year. Last month, Kevin Grooms was chosen to succeed Barney Hester when he retires at the end of December.

Grooms is no stranger to Bibb County Schools.

"I remember, I didn't even know where to go and what to do after high school," said Grooms.

But he did know he had a passion for basketball and sports and years later, he turned it into a career.

"Through coaches and through ADs. They helped me establish a dream and a foundation," said Grooms.

He became the head basketball coach at Northeast High School 11 years ago and the school's athletic director five years later. Now, he's the director of athletics for the whole district.

"On a high school level, you oversee all the sports within the high schools... but on a county level, you oversee all of the high schools and middle schools. It becomes a big job," he said.

Grooms says stepping into the new role will take some adjustment because he won't be at Northeast every day, but he's looking forward to showing up for students all over the county.

"Just to see them play on Tuesday nights, Fridays nights, or either on Monday or Wednesday going to a softball or baseball game. Those are the new joys of my life now," said Grooms. "I'm very excited. This is a dream job, a job that I never thought I would possibly have in my career, but through prayer and continuing education classes, it has prepared me for this job."

Coach Barney Hester is the current director; he's retiring at the end of December. Grooms will transition over into the position in early January.


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