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Mental Health Monday: How to plan for your summer vacation without the stress

This Central Georgia travel agent says planning ahead can help make sure you don't need a vacation to recover from the stress of vacation.

MACON, Ga. — Whether you're hitting the skies or roads for what's supposed to be a "relaxing" summer vacation, it can turn stressful quickly. 

Julia Chambless became a travel agent to help take the worry away from families so they can focus on making memories during trips.

"Before I was an agent, I was already helping families book trips," says Chambless.

Of course, planning can also create stress, but Chambless says there's another factor.

"The cost, some families really just want the best for their money," says Chambless.

"Plan to travel. Set up a vacation fund and deposit a small amount every so often. Every month or every two weeks when you get paid," says Licensed professional counselor Danielle Jones.

Jones says to make sure you include money you plan to spend during the vacation in that fund. She also recommends following her P-P-E rule.

"Plan, prepare and execute. That's me P-P-E for vacationing," says Jones.
Some examples of the P-P-E rule are to plan what sights you'll see and restaurants you want to eat in.

Also, prepare for the wait times you may experience. You can't forget about the execution.

"Execute. Make sure you have fun, live in the moment, and have a great vacation," says Jones.

Jones and Chambless both agree the most important part everyone should remember is that traveling is about making memories.

Remember, with us now entering one of the highest seasons for traveling this year, you want to include extra time in your travel plans. 

That's especially true if you plan to head up the interstate to the world's busiest airport in Atlanta.

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