The Mercer Engineering Research Center, also known as MERC, is celebrating 30 years in Central Georgia.

The center opened in 1987. Now, they currently employ more than 180 engineers and scientists to work on projects for the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex and more.

“We do structures and mechanical engineering for the Air Force, Army, Navy…across the board,” said Daniel Edwards, the division manager for the Fixed Wing Structure.

What started out a staff of three has multiplied into more than 180 engineers.

“I started here as an intern in 2002 and I've been here ever since,” said Edwards.

Fifteen years later, Mercer grad Daniel Edwards is now a division manager for the Fixed Wing Structure.

His division tests aircraft wings to see how much pressure they can take.

“We try to break it in any way that you can imagine. All of that helps inform the Air Force to make sure they know how safe their aircrafts are and what they can operate at,” said Edwards.

The Mercer Engineering Research Center provides services to more than 20 models of aircrafts at Robins Air Force Base and local first responders by studying their communications equipment.

“It's analyzing structure. It's analyzing the response of the aircraft and then it’s actually applying it to see they respond in a test environment or in an actual flight,” said Edwards.

“We directly work on things that affect the people that we work for,” said senior engineer Robbie Guests.

Executive director David Barwick says in the future; the company hopes to expand their service to other customers, including more studies with first responders.