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Mercer University honors Korean War veterans with 3D presentation

The plaques were made by students at the university.

MACON, Ga. — Students at Mercer University honored local Korean War veterans with 3D plaques Thursday.

One of those students, Samuel Johnson, helped present the plaques during a ceremony hosted by the university.

"It is important to support the veterans in our community," Johnson says.

The Mercer On Mission Korea program is run by Dr. Sinjae Hyun, who started a project called, "Remembering Korean War Heroes."

Dr. Hyun and his students created 3D plaques and presented them to two American veterans of the Korean war, one of them being the late Dr. Paul Cable.

Cable was a professor at Mercer and served in World War II and the Korean War for three years as a First Lieutenant. He died at age 63.

Paul and Jim Cable are the sons of Dr. Cable. They received his plaque in his honor.

Paul says he and his brother are glad to see their father being honored for his heroism.

"He never asked for anything back, he just served his country with bravery." Paul says. "He had a commitment to it [the military] and as he did in everything, he did the very best he could do and we're very proud of him."

Dr. Hyun says if anyone wants to provide information on a veteran family member for the project, you can email him at: hyun_s@mercer.edu


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