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Mercer grad student develops mental health wellness app to help people track anxiety

Brady Simon says his mom, a counselor and therapist, inspired him to develop the app for the community

MACON, Ga. — Going through the coronavirus pandemic has really taken a mental toll on some people and that is just one of the reasons why a Mercer University student designed an app to help people be mindful of their mental health.

"I was interested in math and physics and so I saw Mercer's program and I saw the 4 + 1 Program and I thought it would be a really good fit," Simon said.

Meet Brady Simon, a student who already has a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

"My major is software engineering, I am a graduate student at Mercer University, and this is my last semester," Simon said. 

Earlier this year, Simon went to his mom for advice to create a new app that could help people.

"She is a counselor and a therapist, so of course she is always thinking of mental health stuff, and so honestly I just asked what would be a good idea, and of course from her background, she said a mental health app," Simon said.

With that, Simon started working on the MindFull: Anxiety Tracker Application. He says it took about three months to put the app together before launching it in August. 

"It would really help you visualize any anxiety trends, and also other trends, like I for example will occasionally have headaches unrelated to anxiety, you can use the app to track headaches and any other physical symptom that might be unrelated," Simon said. 

With MindFull, you can also take notes about symptoms, making it easier to track your mental health.

"It really gives you a lot of information in one place that you can bring to a doctor and can say, 'Here is what I've tracked,'" Simon said. 

As we continue going through the coronavirus pandemic, Simon hopes the app can help people in the world. 

"I wanted to make something that could help me track that and help other people as well," Simon said.

You can find the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Simon says the app is free to download and gives you 30 free days of data before charging a $2 fee. 


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