Students at some Baldwin County Schools will have a new morning routine starting Wednesday. They’ll now be required to walk through metal detectors before they head to class.

This comes after guns were found inside county schools three times this year. Since then, parents like Andrea Scott have been on edge.

“When you get the phone call from the schools that a gun was found on a student, it’s very scary,” Scott said.

She isn’t the only parent who’s concerned. Omar Rozier worries about his kids, too.

“When they found the third gun, we were like, 'Wow, guns are back in school,'” Rozier said. “We haven’t seen this since we were in school.”

After the third incident, Superintendent Noris Price decided it was time step up their security procedures. She asked the Board of Education to add metal detectors to both Oak Hill Middle and Baldwin County High.

Tuesday night, they approved that request unanimously.

“We are definitely concerned about our students,” Board of Education chairwoman Gloria Wicker said. “We’re concerned about everybody’s safety, which is why we have gone ahead with having the metal detectors.”

Wicker says this extra layer of security should bring parents a little more peace of mind, knowing they are willing to do anything to protect their students.

“Hopefully with the metal detectors, it will keep it down to a minimum,” Scott said. “All we can do is pray every day for the safety of our kids.”

The Board of Education is also considering banning cell phones for students. They plan to vote on that issue at their meeting next month.