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Mexican restaurants prepare for surge in business on Cinco de Mayo

From long wait times to hungry stomachs, a lot is expected in the U.S. during the holiday.

MACON, Ga. — Many folks across the country will hit Mexican restaurants Thursday for Cinco de Mayo. From long wait times to hungry stomachs, a lot is expected in the U.S. during the holiday.

"We are going to be real busy. Our staff will be overwhelmed, but hopefully our customers will have a good experience," said restaurant owner German Marin.

He owns the restaurant La Bella Morelia in downtown Macon. His mom started it years ago at Smiley's Flea Market as her food truck.

Now, they have been at their location on Mulberry Street for five years. This will really be their first normal Cinco de Mayo.

"We have kind of always had an issue with Cinco de Mayo," said Marin.

The first year, they didn't have their liquor license. The second year, they lost power. In 2021, they were understaffed due to the pandemic, so it's been no good for them, but this year they're ready to take on the holiday.

"For Cinco de Mayo we are scheduling everyone in our payroll to work that day, even my family members are coming to help just in case we get too crowded," said Marin.

Cinco de Mayo is a huge money making holiday for Mexican restaurants, but this year's Cherry Blossom Festival actually caused Marin to lock his doors because his business wasn't ready for all the hungry people. 

So each year, he asks himself the same question...

"I really want to know what's better for us; is it Cherry Blossom or Cinco de Mayo," he said.

As for the history of Cinco de Mayo? It celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. One of the biggest holidays celebrated in Mexico is Mexican Independence Day, which will be observed on Sept 16.

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