A Telfair County family of three is reeling after their home went up in flames. Homeowners Tyler Dorris and Tiffani Prophitt say they watched in disbelief as their home burned right before their eyes last Saturday. Yvonne Thomas caught up with couple and their 8-month-old daughter, Josie, as their family clings onto hope and rebuilds.

It's a devastating loss for this family of three. “Ain’t no words to explain this really,” said Tyler Dorris, homeowner. "We were just coming home. I think we left at like 12:00.” And when the couple came home, they couldn't believe their eyes. “We just came back by the field and you could just see the house was on fire,” said Dorris.

But it was too late. Dorris, Prophitt, and baby Josie watched as their home went up flames. “There was a pile of firefighters here, most of McRae-Helena, Milans, and Jacksonville was here,” said Dorris.

And in a matter of minutes, a family home built more than fifty years ago was turned into rubble. In the fire, the family lost livestock. “We had 25 chickens. Now we have 23,” said Dorris.

Even though the inside is tarnished, the memories they made in their hearts are strong, and as they start a new chapter in their lives, Dorris says kindness surrounds them. “We have been very blessed so far. We've had people that we don't even know donate and just give anything they could to help,” said Dorris.

So far, there's no word on what started the fire, but Dorris and Prophitt say they appreciate all the support they've received from the community. If you’d like to donate to the family, you can drop off items at this address: 30 Cravey Road Milan, GA 31060.