MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Centennial Pool at Georgia College is open to all students and staff, but the college says it doesn't get much use over the summer. In the next few months, that will change, thanks to a new deal with Baldwin County.

"It's gonna be a win-win situation for us because having the county use our facility and rent our pool will actually expand our hours," says director of wellness and recreation Bert Rosenberger.

He says last summer, Centennial Pool was used for swim lessons for students throughout the county. Starting June 1, it will be open to everyone.

"Now, you'll be able to come in an unstructured environment and just have a nice afternoon with your family, eat a sub sandwich, and just enjoy the sun," says Rosenberger.

County manager Carlos Tobar says this deal will cost the county $24,000 a year. This is just half of the plan for summer 2020, when he hopes phase one of the proposed aquatic center will be complete.

"We want to start off with either a splash pad or a kiddie pool with splash pad elements, and we want to get that opened as soon as possible, hopefully this summer, and have that in conjunction with the contract at Georgia College," says Tobar.

Milledgeville resident Kelsey Wright says it's a step in the right direction. "We don't really have a local pool for all access right now, so I think that's a great opportunity. It gets so hot here in the summer."

The college says whether you're jumping in the water or just coming to sit pool side, you're more than welcome, for a small fee.

Tobar says they are still deciding how much the pool admission fee will be. The college will be providing lifeguards certified by the American Red Cross.

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