It hasn't been an ideal start to the semester for some Georgia College students. People living in the dorms have been without water since early Monday due to a water line break on Greene Street.


"We can't even go to the bathroom in our own dorm. It's weird," student Halle Jankowski said.

"Very inconvenient," student Savannah Bland said.

Some Georgia College students are returning to Milledgeville from winter break without water, thanks to a water line break on Greene Street. That pipe is right in front of the dorms at GCSU.


"It means no shower for everybody here, no drinking water either," student Sean said.

"It's been pretty hectic," Jankowski said. "You know, it's not a normal day to wake up and not have the ability to wash your hands or even brush your teeth with running water."

But it's nothing we haven't seen before in Milledgeville. Over the last year, the city of Milledgeville has had several water line breaks, leaving areas without water for days.

City Manager Barry Jarrett says the cause of this break is the cold weather, and now Georgia College has to accommodate over 1,100 students.

"Obviously, the water being back on would solve all of our problems, but at this point, we're just trying to provide as many means and as many opportunities for folks to have some sort of normalcy in their life until we can get this situation solved with the city," Brittiny Johnson, GCSU Director of Public Affairs, said.

GCSU has Port a-Potties set up outside the residence halls, they've brought water bottles to the dorms for students to drink, and they have shuttles running to the wellness center for students to use showers there.

"I'm worried for the people around me to smell me because I have not taken a shower yet," Jankowski said.

But soon enough, things will be back to normal. Jarrett says crews have replaced 17 feet of pipeline and the breaks have been repaired.